Promising Property Investments in Germany?

Profit from Gaby Barton’s contacts and first hand knowledge about real estate opportunities especially in the German capital Berlin.
Get access through Gaby Barton to reliable market leaders as well as to individuals offering distinctive properties in whole Germany for your long term investment values.

Who is Gaby BartonGaby Barton steht vor TV Tower in Berlin

Gaby has dual German and Swiss nationality, is an independent business & marketing person for the past 25years, previously working both in the international art market and financial investment market.
Her experience in the international art market includes owning and operating a prominent private museum and gallery in Berlin and organizing major auctions with her extensive network and connections mainly in the 90ties.

In 2005 she decided to become established in Dubai, where she initially managed sponsored art events.

During her six years based in Dubai she also worked for ecmg, an investment broker firm. Later she worked for The New Oasis Group of Companies, consulting in the field of investment and properties.

Presently Gaby Barton is based in Berlin, Germany’s largest city, a major center of culture, politics, media, and science in Europe. For the past years Berlin has been attracting not only growing numbers of international tourists but jobseekers as well as business people and investors from all over the world.

Berlin has become a business and investment hub and – undergoing major developments – is Germanys fastest changing and growing city.

Of course Germany has further cities and regions to look at if it comes to investing.

If you are unfamililar to opportunities in Germany you will find this Forbes articel about real-estate investors buying in Germany helpful.

Gaby Barton is representing a market leader in the field of properties for investment purposes in all asset classes such as apartments, residences, historic buildings – nearly 1000 inspected objects!
So if you are looking for compelling investment opportunities please get in touch with Gaby Barton by E-mail and outline how she could connect you to what you are looking for.