All you need in German language & market

German Flag mit Arrow upGermans prefer talking, reading and listening in German language. So do them the favour – they will love you.

German Customer & client care & relation services:


Get (A) your business language training or

(B) German marketing support by Gaby Barton Best Partner > Professional for Professionals


A) Business German language improvement training > remote:

= safes precious time.

Customized on the job = no inflexible tuition but your business / job reality

Flexible dates even in the evening or on weekends, dates which are convenient for the employee(s).

The following course settings are available for all levels:

  • Best Partner online individual one-on-one training.
  • Best Partner online training with 2-4 participants/colleagues.
  • Intensive interactive training that is motivating but not boring.

What the lessons involve:

Tailor-made live lessons with real-time video communication

Teaching material, presentations, video and audio files related to business / office / meetings / intercultural / current news topic …

Regular feedback

Individual units to support / to practise a specific business situation


Simple requirements:

Your computer or alternatively an iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch with WLAN- access

A webcam and headset / earphones

Join the class / tuition through a link in your preferred browser.

No software download is required.

No login is required.

Make time for 2 units/a week = 90 minutes and additional 90 minutes for self-learning time through homework.


Price example (May 2018):

A package price for 5 x 2 training units = 90 minutes one-to-one starts with € 457,50.



Gaby comes fast to the point of the individual need and has always a motivational attitude.

She has experienced the global business environement through living and working abroad such as in the United Arab Emirates for many years. So Gaby Barton understands the importance of language skills in order to be equiped for the business success.

Affordable flat package fees because of reduced overheads.

The procedure is GDPR (DSVO) compliant.

She is certified trainer and looks back to 18 years training and coaching experience. Since 2013 in online courses.


Recent references:

Labs international language school, Antwerpen, Freiburg International Academy Tübingen, IBS Institut Bildung & Sicherheit, BTB Bildungszentrum, private booker.

Gaby Bartons excellent ratings in her public webinars here.


B) German marketing support / German customer & client care & relation services:

  • Talking clients or interested parties through your business matter.
  • Live support at business events and fairs or representation.
  • Proofreading, reviewing and adapting your German marketing & pr material or work-books.
  • Local (Berlin) telephone number for your business represenation

Gaby Bartons tailored services are effective for your business success and affordable.



Gaby Barton prides herself in premium customer service. If you need her, she will be there and help you in no time. Clients can always get in touch to help troubleshoot problems that may arise because of an last minute live presentation or an automatic translated document to review.

Feel free to email an inquiry here: