M. A. Gaby Barton in a booming cityGaby Barton steht vor TV Tower in Berlin

Presently Gaby Barton is based in Berlin. Besides her supporting businesses success through project management and marketing excellence she has a passion for book writing and selfpublishing.


Gaby has dual German and Swiss nationality, is an independent business & marketing person for the past 25 years.
Being a live marketing specialist she is an certified expert in (online) training and coaching too.

She started her professional career as doctors assistant before she graduated from university in the field of communications and lingusitics.

In the 90ties she became an entrepreneur, owed and operated an event & exhibition company.

From 2000 onwards she changed the business direction, worked as marketing specialist, project manager and trainer.

In 2004 she decided to become established in Dubai. Since that time she has managed marketing and business developement projects for various clients. Bartons loves live communication!

For example, during her six years based in Dubai she worked for The New Oasis Group of Companies, prospecting and consulting in the field of investment and properties.

She was partner of the Video & Marketing company

Grafik business media link

In 2011 she initiated the German-Qatari-Association and was elected as the first chairwoman to set-up the structure and to introduce the vision both to the German as well as to the Qatar public.


For projects she is especially interested and looking for to bring in her vast expertise in business areas such as finance / capital / medical / anti-aging / beauty / wellness tourism industry.


Btw, onCover vom muskulär-faszialen Schmerz befreite of her books is a self-help on muscle pain and stress. Like many others hardworking business persons she feels challenged to work in an balanced matter. So she worked a popular ‚Bee-fitt‘ prevention/training programm out for the daily dose of being healthy.



Cover Buch Grüsse-aus-Dubai

Already in 2008 she wrote and published a book about Dubai stories along experiences.

Bartons Dubai info- and bookpage: www.gruesse-aus-dubai.de



Berlin is Germany’s largest city, a major center of culture, politics, media, and science in Europe. As well as a business and investment hub and – undergoing major developments – is Germanys fastest changing and growing city.

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